Privacy policy

However you pronounce it, privacy is important.

That's why gives the following guarantee:

  • We will never contact you without your permission.
  • We will never give or sell give your contact details to a third party.
  • If you choose not to be on our updates mailing list all your details will be deleted from out database during one of our periodic purges.


Sure we all love cookies, you just don't want to eat too many of them!

And, besides being the American for biscuit, cookie has another (technical) meaning. It's that tiny piece of information websites drop on to your computer when you visit them and which they can use to track you all over the internet.

This website uses cookies for two things:

  1. Ironically enough, to control whether the cookie warning is displayed on the front page
  2. To direct you to products on Amazon's websites, this earns us a commission on anything you buy on Amazon after being directed there from this website

If you'd like to know more about cookies, how they work and how to prevent them knowing everything about you, here's a couple of articles Free Tools to Keep Those Creepy Online Ads From Watching You and Foiling Electronic Snoops in Email.

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