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December 2017

The new 2018 edition of the Camino Guide is now available! If you donated you can now download the full guide from the link in the email you received (if you can't find that email or the links don't work contact us and we'll sort it out). The free guide has also been updated, you can download them from the original email or just enter your email on our Download page again to get fresh links.

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August 2017

21 August, Vive el Camino: If you'll be arriving in Santiago in the next four months you'll find that the bridge over the motorway before San Lázaro is closed for road works. A signposted detour is in place but apparently (quite apart from adding almost 1500m to the walk) it's causing some confusion! See here.

15 August, Deadline: apparently there's another Camino film on the way (no pun intended!) Thank you Hollywood!

Camino de Santiago Cathedral Spain

May 2017

10 May, The Economist: the dreadful people at The Economist have dared to question Galicia's right to call itself a "Celtic Nation"!

April 2017

5 April, El País: Miguel Ángel Muñoz found guilty of the murder of Denise Thiem.

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